Karma Does Not Exist

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If karma exists, why do psychologists insist you be assertive?

If you don’t stand up to your rights, you allow yourself to be victimized.


Roll like CrimINT – A guide

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CrimINT believes in delivering the absolute best to the field of criminology. And for that we need to the best people.

I’ve read something profound in a programming book of all things that made me think:

While you are studying programming, I’m studying how to play guitar. I practice it every day for at least 2 hours a day. I play scales, chords, and arpeggios for an hour at least and then learn music theory, ear training, songs and anythingelse I can. Some days I study guitar and music for 8 hours because I feel like it and it’s fun. To me repetitive practiceis natural and just how to learn something. I know that to get good at anything you have to practice every day, even if I suck that day (which is often) or it’s difficult. Keep trying and eventually it’ll be easier and fun.

As you study this book, and continue with programming, remember that anything worth doing is difficult at first. Maybe you are the kind of person who is afraid of failure so you give up at the first sign of difficulty. Maybe you never learned self-discipline so you can’t do anything that’s “boring”Maybe you were told that you are “gifted” so you never attempt anything that might make you seem stupid or not a prodigy. Maybe you are competitive and unfairly compare yourself to someone like me who’s been programming for 20+ years.

Whatever your reason for wanting to quit, keep at it. Force yourself. If you run into an Extra Credit you can’t do, ora lesson you just do not understand, then skip it and come back to it later. Just keep going because with programming there’s this very odd thing that happens.

At first, you will not understand anything. It’ll be weird, just like with learning any human language. You will strugglewith words, and not know what symbols are what, and it’ll all be very confusing. Then one day BANG your brain willsnap and you will suddenly “get it”. If you keep doing the exercises and keep trying to understand them, you will get it. You might not be a master coder, but you will at least understand how programming works.

I want you guys to listen to Zed A. Shaw from Learn Python the Hard Way.

I publish this blog on the internet to inspire people to do as I do. I think more people who follow my lead will make the world tomorrow a better place. Self-discipline and learning is not a path of vanity.

We live in a society that’s a flock of autistic sheep. They fight over each other to get attention on twitter by “retweeting” cruft that doesn’t matter, they spend hours on world of warcraft, they are like hamsters. They get mortgages at the bank, marry when they shouldn’t and get divorces, losing half of their assets + alimony. They get a loan the size of a house at Age 22 to be brainwashed when they can learn free. Have kids. These suckers who buy every “traditional” norm are slaves to the real intelligent people in suits looking at your resume of hard work and shredding it like you’re a pea.

Folks, you have to break out of the mold, have a moral compass and ignore the criminals, sociopaths, potheads, “cool kidz”, WASPs who says you are different and try to put you down. Day by day, I’m insulted, lied about, made fun of, pissed on, lied to, ignore them. Ignore the pricks, let them be your motivation for discipline if need be. Even if you want to work for someone, you’re not going to be an exemplary artifact who is going to make society better.

I want you guys to learn.

  • Study C. K&R. Know how to read C.
  • Learn Python, Ruby or Perl.
  • Learn Regular Expressions (perl preferred)
  • Learn at least 2 languages. Learn to listen and read them.
  • Get a PACER account. Read the legal issues in United States.
  • Also read the legal issues in other countries.
  • Study finance, understand concepts of securities.
  • Read International Business distributions for news.
  • Learn the basics of how to operate your own business.

Then what do you do? That’s a good question. Whatever the fuck you want. Because you are released into the world with skills you can actually use for anything. You want to work for the government? Fine. You want to run your own business? You’re sure worldly enough. You are the info master and you are self-sufficient to make your own decisions.

You can either be a pothead loser or you can be a person with self-discipline. You don’t have to be a tacky asshole to have self-discipline, you don’t have to be mean to people. You can be totally nice. You can use your overflow of cash, wisdom or knowledge to help people however you choose.

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